General Terms

Purchase terms are a part of the Seller’s obligations under the Consumer Protection Act and are intended for Customer to be informed in a clear and comprehensible manner of a number of circumstances relevant to the conclusion, execution, termination of the contract, and all in accordance with the law.

The term Seller refers to Benčić Tartufi d.o.o., Gradiziol 10, 52424 Motovun, Croatia, OIB: 48797342505, E:, W:
The term Buyer refers to a classical consumer (a physical person who orders and pays any product outside any activity by means of a web store service present on the Seller’s website), but also to customers of legal entities, tradesmen and traders of individuals and physical persons performing business activities, but they are protected by the Consumer Protection Act only if they buy products that are not related to their business.

The salesman on the web site performs on his own behalf.
Purchase terms are part of the contract concluded with the distance together with the specifications and the price of the purchased product, and before the order confirmation of purchase of a particular product the Customer will request that the same accept / declare that it is acquainted with it, and after confirming the order (contract termination) shall be delivered to the Customer as the content of an e-mail confirming that the contract was concluded. The Seller reserves the right to change the terms at any time, provided that such changes will take effect upon publication on these web sites.
When the Buyer confirms and executes the order, the contract is concluded and the Seller on the fact of concluding the contract will immediately notify the contract that the contract has been concluded.

II. Main features of the goods

The products are depicted in descriptive form and photographs. Product photos are illustrative in nature and do not always have to match all the products that are the subject of the order in all detail. The Seller specifically points out that the visual identity of a product displayed on a photograph does not have to match the actual appearance of the product, in particular with regard to the monitor settings of the customer computer, the color perception of the customer as seen on the screen, etc. In the case of the above discrepancy between the products shown in the photograph and the delivered product is not a product defect.

III. Product price

The prices shown on the website are quoted in kunas and euros. The VAT is included in the price of the product. The cost of the product does not include shipping costs because of the fact that it is paid separately, except for orders over a certain amount when the delivery is free, all in accordance with the terms and conditions as stated in these Purchase Terms.

Before order confirmation, the price of the product containing the VAT, the delivery price if it is charged, and the final price are stated separately for the Buyer to have access to the final price paid for the ordered purchase service.

Prices can be changed without prior notice.

IV. Payment methods

Buying and paying selected products in the online store is possible in the following ways:

Payment by credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Diners.
Payment via PayPal payment service.

Credit card

The card payment system is integrated into the pages. After selecting a payment, “Tab” will open the fields for entering the card information. Card and owner information are not kept on our servers.
We do not charge your card immediately but at the time of sending the goods. In this way, we leave the possibility of replacing the item in the event of a product being unavailable.
The purchase was made after a successful card authorization. If the system refuses to authorize a card payment, select one of the alternative payment methods. We do not have information about the reasons for rejecting a card, it may be of a technical or business nature.


We ship the order invoice to the shipment together with the goods.

V. Shipping

Delivery area

We ship to the entire European Union area. The buyer delivers delivery service DPD, GLS, UPS / OVERSEAS.

Delivery cost

The delivery price is divided into two classes:

order value up to 750 kuna
order value above 750 kuna – free shipping!
Note: The stated delivery prices and the benefits related to the same apply only to deliveries to the European Union area.

Time of delivery

We handle all orders received on a working day and deliver the products within 7 business days.

VI. Complaints and Returns

In case of complaint, damage to delivery, data transfer errors or any other defect, please do not hesitate to contact us within 1 business day of receiving the shipment. The buyer is obliged to submit a complaint to GLORIA TARTUFI by e-mail to:, at: +385915507688, in writing within 3 working days.

The right to a complaint is obtained by the user if:

the goods were not delivered according to the order from the order,
the goods delivered do not meet the standards,
there was damage to the delivery.
Upon receipt of goods, the order confirmation of the order depends on the buyer, and the buyer is obliged to compare the items received with the account. If something is missing, it is immediately necessary because the subsequent complaints will not be taken into account.
All these complaints will be solved in agreement with the customer or the recipient of the goods.

Internet Dispute Resolution

By special regulation of the European Union, as of 15 February 2016, throughout the EU, disputes relating to online purchase can be resolved through the platform that you can access here. This means that if you encounter a problem during an online purchase within the EU (defective product, product replacement, etc.) you can file your complaint on the top link.
The platform can be used by consumers and merchants, and the complaint can be submitted to any of the 23 official EU languages.

VII. Privacy and security

Privacy Statement

GLORIA TARTUFI j.d.o.o. we are committed to providing personal data protection to the sole need to collect the basic, basic information about the buyers / users required to fulfill our obligations; We inform buyers of how we use the data we collect, we regularly give customers the choice of using their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to remove their name from the lists used for marketing campaigns.
All customer information is strictly kept and only accessible to employees who are required to do this. All employees of GLORIA TARTUFI j.d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for adhering to the privacy principles.

Payment Security Statement

The entry and transfer of personal data and credit card number data is protected by the highest security standards provided by the WSPay credit card online authorization system in accordance with the requirements of card and card brands and PCI DSS standards. Authorization and credit card payment is done by using the WSPay system for realtime authorization and billing.